DIY Piano Renewal With Homemade Chalk Paint

What happens when your mother comes to visit? Beautify your graffitied piano! Using a mix of colour and Plaster of Paris, create your own chalk paint for a myriad of projects.DSCN0832


It is rather shocking to come to the realization that there are individuals who would allow the esthetic destruction of a piano…although, had it not been graffitied, the renewal process would’ve still taken place!



After some filling and a few coats of chalk paint, the piano looks better than ever. Quick and easy project with endless opportunities for further renewal.


The colour chosen was Chocolate Raspberry and fits in perfectly with the household decor. DSCN0858

Further waxing and buffing and cleaning of the piano keys, completed the job with fantastic results.


3 thoughts on “DIY Piano Renewal With Homemade Chalk Paint

  1. Great job. I always stop at trash piles to look for furniture pieces. One found a small roll top desk. Musta had a dozen coats of paint. Took two weeks but now cherry, gold stencil, brass handles and railing, hard leather pull out writing surface, felted all pigeon holes and drawer interior. If I could keep on one piece of furniture it would be the desk. hanks visit my blog.

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    1. Thanks! My mother did all the work, I’m really thankful for her time and effort.

      Your desk sounds beautiful! Would love to see how it turned out, will visit your blog most definitely.
      Thanks for your like and comment 🙂


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